Ready To Generate Unlimited Leads With Facebook™ Ads?

For the past 6+ years I've been running facebook™ ads full-time for clients all around the world.

I got a track record of spending 4million$+ on ads to generate 20million$+ in revenue.

Prior to that, I owned an exterior window cleaning business that I was able to

grow from 60,000$ to 840,000$+ in just 3 years, by using ads.

"Dozens Of Businesses Used Jean-Michel's Proven Strategies"

& much more...


👨‍🏫 Do-It-Yourself 👨‍🏫

(from 7$-197$ total)

Learn to use facebook™ ads to generate leads by yourself, while watching video tutorials of myself showing you everything from A to Z for optimal results.

💪 Done-For-You 💪

(from 397$-2497$/month)

I will take over your facebook™ ads and install my most successful lead gen strategies customized for your business, then I will manage the results.

Client Reviews

Pierre-Olivier Hébert, Lavage De Vitres Extérieur .com


Exterior Window Cleaning

~6,000$ per month in adspend

"It is the MAIN reason for which we grew so fast...

It works extremely well!"


Dominik Martineau, La Relance Métabolique


Fat Loss Diet Coaching

~6,000$ per month in adspend

"He brings results and it is simple!

My gross rev is increasing exponentially..."


David Leprohon, Saisonex


Tree Removal & Pruning

~6,000$ per month in adspend

"We'd never be where we're at if it weren't for him.

It was a GREAT decision!"


Maxime Fiset, Home Spray


House Spray Painting

~4,000$ per month in adspend

"It's completely crazy!

I never made so much money."


Jean-Sébastien Fontaine, Oxypur


Air Duct Cleaning

~3,000$ per month in adspend

"We've been partners for more than 2 years, it speaks for itself."


Alexandre Audet, Zone Garage


Epoxy Concrete Flooring

~2,000$ per month in adspend

"Our sales rep has a hard time keeping up..."


Niko Langlois, WebIci


Website Designing

~2,000$ per month in adspend

"It makes no sense, it should be illegal.

We reached our average month today. "


Robin Noally, SR Porte De Garage


Garage Doors Installing

~2,000$ per month in adspend

"I didn't expect so many leads."


Catherine Loyer, Institut Médico Esthétique


Botox Injection Coaching

~2,000$ per month in adspend

"We got over 500 leads we're busy as it can be lollll, and at this price it's soooooo worth it!



Ben Lussier, Benjy Films


Photo & Video Filming

~1000$ per month in adspend

"Best company I have ever dealt with for my Facebook advertising!
Listening to his customers and honest."




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